**2018 Crew Auction**


February 24, 2018

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel

4747 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512

The current dock that is used to launch racing shells and coaching boats for all three schools needs to be replaced. It is now 20-years old and it shows its age.  Compounding this, is the need for an expanded dock to better accommodate the size of all three programs as they practice together. Safety on the water is paramount. Expanding the dock to double the length along the river as well as widening the approach to the dock will allow safer access and movement in and out of the river.

All three rowing boards have discussed ways and means to tackle this project, along with the District, and carefully considered our various budgets. The District will not be able to participate in this cost, leaving the project to the three school club parent boards to fund and coordinate. The district has given the project the green light regarding liability and supports this effort.


Together, the three rowing boards (FHC, FHE, FHN) have determined a phasing plan, led by FHC. The plan includes three phases: first, expanding the existing dock to accomplish capacity and safety goals. The second and third phases will replace existing dock sections to bring them up to new condition. Funding for phases two and three is to be the focus of a district-wide rowing dock fundraiser with all three schools participating.


This is where we need your help, please click on the link below to find more information about the auction and sign up for what you can donate. It's easy and won't take much of your time.


With a little help we can make this auction a huge success and give our kids much needed space on the dock and increased safety!