St. Mary's Laddie Cup

St. Mary's Preparatory School 

3535 Commerce Rd, Orchard Lake, MI 48324

Saturday -May 8, 2021

We will be using school buses to get to the regatta.


Rowers will be leaving directly from the school on Friday.  They will board the buses by the globe at 3:00 p.m.




Bring your packed gear to practice on Thursday.  All of your gear will be loaded onto the equipment trailer Thursday evening. YOU WILL NEED YOUR ID TO LOAD THE BUS


The dorms will have bedding,  but if you have an blanket or pillow you'd like to bring, feel free.  The only thing that you'll need to bring to school on Friday is a set of clothes in case there is time to get on the water on Friday at the regatta site.


We are staying at the dorms on campus. Room assignments will be given to the rowers Wednesday night. There will be 3 rowers in each room. There are 2 twin beds and then another person will either sleep on a cot or air mattress (the rower will need to bring this). The individual rooms can decide who wants to sleep where in their room.





Volunteers - We can always use extra hands for packing up the site after the regatta on Saturday. You can ask the food tent if they need any help with any of the meals as well. The team will have dinner with all of the other regatta attending teams on Friday night.

They will provide parking, on campus, for $5.00.  Please remember that St. Mary's Preparatory is a smoke free campus. Also, the Headmaster requests that pets stay home.


Handicap Parking: Please contact a parking attendant for assistance. They will have golf cart shuttles.


First race is at 7:30 a.m.


Heat sheets and event line-ups can be found on Regatta Central. Heat sheets will not be out until some time on Friday. 



The coaches are well aware that Saturday is FHC prom. The boats need to be loaded safely onto the trailer before seniors can be released for prom.


**If your rower is leaving early they need to let their coach know ahead of time.   Rowers CANNOT ride with another student - school policy - they must ride home with a parent.


**We have nearly a quarter million dollars worth of equipment to load and we need the Varsity rowers to get the boats onto the trailer. The rowers know when they can leave, please don't encourage them to work around the coaches' instructions and decisions.



It's going to be a great day of racing!

Row hard! Row Fast! Row Ranger!