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The last portion of a race. Usually the last 250 meters of the race are run at a maximum stroke rate in an attempt to get to the finish line first.

Bow Number 

A card attached near the bow of each shell that identifies which lane the crew is assigned to.

Power 10 

A call by the coxswain for the crew to row the next 10 strokes at maximal effort in an attempt to increase boat speed and take water on the opponent.


Head Race

Type of race where crews start in a single file line and race for time. Longer than sprint races, head races range from 4k to 10k and are usually run on rivers during the Fall season.

Sprint Race 

Type of race where crews race side by side in lanes over 2000 meters. In the US, this is the standard race.

The beginning of the race. Crews will have a specified starting sequence of strokes to get the shell up to speed as quickly as possible. Stroke ratings during a start sequence range from the low 40s to the high 50s.

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Seat Race 

A coach's tool for comparing two rowers. Two boats race against each other once. One rower from each boat switches positions and the two boats race again. Relative performance in the two races is used to compare the abilities of the two rowers.

Motorboat used by rowing coaches and referees.


Colored flotation devices that mark lanes and other various areas of the racecourse. Also used for marking hazards.

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