If you'd like to make a direct donation to the Crew Boosters, you can :)   Simply clink on the link, download the document and mail in your payment.  It's that easy.   

Boat and Seat Naming Opportunities

Celebrate your rower by naming a seat in his/her honor. Makes a great graduation gift!  Or perhaps you'd like to see a boat named after your family or rower. Download this form to name a seat after you rower and/or inquire about which boats are currently available for naming.

***As of November 1, 2018 we are over $55,000 in receipts!***

Speaking of easy ways to help support FHC Crew, have you heard of the "Direct Your Dollars" program? 

FHC Crew has the opportunity to earn $1,000 from SpartanNash, simply by shopping at any local company-owned store, including Family Fare Supermarkets, Forest Hills Foods and D&W Fresh Markets. Through the Direct Your Dollars program, we can turn eligible receipts into cash for FHC Crew!


It’s easy to help us “Direct Your Dollars.” Every time you shop at any Family Fare Supermarket, Forest Hills Foods or D&W Fresh Market, save your receipts. We’ll be collecting them in our Direct Your Dollars box, located at the food tent at each regatta, as well as the ergatta, starting in March 2018.


For every $150,000 in receipts we collect, we will earn $1,000 donation from SpartanNash. With your support – and your receipts – we’ll be raising money to purchase and maintain crew equipment; boats, oars, launches, etc.


If you aren’t able to drop your receipts off in person, (or you have quite a few accumulating and want to pass them along sooner and more frequently) mail them to Carman Fors. 2257 Hearthside Drive SE, Ada 49301. We do need original receipts to earn the $1,000 donation, so please no photocopies.


Thanks to the Direct Your Dollars program, we can raise money for FHC Crew as we shop for our groceries each week. Start saving those receipts! We’ll continue collecting them throughout the spring crew season; or mail them to Carman anytime.


Your "Direct Your Dollars" receipts will look similar to this sample. You will have a section at the bottom of your receipt that says how much your purchase earned towards the Direct Your Dollars program. Purchases for stamps, alcohol, tobacco, etc are not eligible so your Direct Your Dollars total maybe less than your receipt total. To protect private information, you are able to block out any personal information, but please do not block out the "Direct Your Dollars" total.


Any SpartanNash receipts dated 8/16/16 or later are eligible. I (Carman) personally have a receipt bin at home and just going back to January 2017 I was able to pull out over $8,000 in D&W and Forest Hills Foods receipts. It adds up quickly!   With approximately 70 families participating in FHC Crew we'd easily earn $1,000 for the team if each family saved ~$2,200-$2,500 in receipts; or more!  And, the receipts can come from family and friends who shop any SpartanNash store in Michigan or out-of-state. Plus, we can earn the $1,000 over and over again each time we reach $150,000 in receipts. It's that simple. Shop > Save Receipts > Earn $1,000!


Any questions, please feel free to email Carman Fors ( or check out the "Direct Your Dollars" FAQ online.   Thank you for supporting the FHC Crew team.

More information about the Direct your dollars program can also be found here: