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Why We Need Volunteers

It takes many hands to pull this program off at the caliber it has operated at for so many years. We need all parents to volunteer often to continue this tradition. 


Why Volunteer?

  • Volunteering is the best way to meet other parents and your athlete’s friends.

  • You’re at the regatta anyway, and it makes the day go faster when your athlete is not on the water.

  • You can be part of the success of one of the best rowing programs in the state.

  • It’s an opportunity to try something new.  Training is provided for all positions.  

  • No matter the job, you are ALWAYS excused in time to ensure you can watch your athlete race.

There are several ways to volunteer including:


Prior to Regatta Days

We can always use help with food prep, particularly for those regattas that involve travel. Single-day versus multi-day (Spring season) regattas have vastly different food requirements. We provide snacks and meals as directed by the Coaches. One example of food prepared ahead of time are our famous Moyer Bars, a favorite of the kids. We need to prepare several batches prior to each regatta. Robyn McAllister is our Food Tent Coordinator.  She will contact anyone interested in food prep and coordinate getting you the supplies you need.


Regattas We Attend

All regattas we attend have similar volunteer requirements including: 

  • Truck & Driver to haul our equipment trailer

  • Parents to transport athletes (sometimes needed if bus overflow)

  • Team site set-up

  • Food tent - prepping and serving food and team site teardown.


Regattas We Host

In addition to the regular spots we fill for regattas we attend, we also need to fill the following roles for regattas we host: 

  • Parking attendants

  • On-water positions (e.g., launch boat drivers to drive launches to race site and return, as well as drivers during the regatta, plus timers).


Seasonal Volunteer Spots

We have several positions on our Board that require a significant amount of time and need to find a “second” for these positions. We call them Job Shadows. These volunteers learn all the ins/outs of the job and assist as needed.  Food tent and equipment are two of the regatta-related spots we are looking to fill soon.


We also have volunteering opportunities for events such as Dock-In, Dock-Out, the Rowathon, Auction and other fundraisers.


How Do I Sign Up?  

Prior to each event, a SignUp Genius will be sent out with specific slots for each job, including time and where to meet.


Do you see any job above you’d like first “dibs” on? Have a truck to haul the equipment trailer? Want to be on the food prep team? Or drive a launch? Interested in Job Shadowing?  Email Volunteer Coordinator Kristen Fauson at to sign up! She’ll contact you prior to posting the SignUp Genius to see if you are interested in filling that job. If that job/date doesn’t work, no worries. By requesting “dibs” you are not committed.

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