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Regattas are what the boat races we compete in are called. We have some regattas that are local and some that we travel to, both in and out of state. 


Here are a few tips from an experienced crew parent if you’re new to the sport!

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to stay for the day and to take a volunteer shift.

  • Regatta days are LONG – don’t make plans for the evening because we never know when the rowers will be done, and you’ll be exhausted!

  • The food tent is only for the rowers. Please bring your own snacks and meals.

  • Some regatta etiquette:

    • After your rower finishes their race, they return their boats to our staging area and then they discuss the race with their coach. 

    • After that, they’ll return to the food tent area and that’s where you should go to congratulate them. 

  • Every regatta watching area is different. Once you arrive, stop by the food tent and find out where parents are headed to watch. Look for the FHC flag.

  • Depending on space, there is usually a Parent Tent near the food tent. This is a place for parents to hang out, have a potluck lunch, etc. In the mornings, there will be coffee, etc. 

  • Rowers need to stay with their team – either at the food tent, getting ready to race, debriefing, or along the shore cheering on the FHC boats. They won’t be able to sit with you and your family.

  • Always offer encouraging and congratulatory comments to your kids. They are working hard!


What Should Your Rower Bring to a Regatta?

In December and again in the Spring, the team sells FHC Crew duffle bags. The smaller one is generally big enough for day regattas, but the larger size is better for travel regattas. If you have a new rower on the team, these duffels are a good investment for the next few years.


During a regatta, there are racks near the tents where our rowers hang up their stuff. Please make sure your rower’s name is on everything. They should pack the following:

  • Tape for blisters

  • Extra socks (2 pair)

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat

  • Blanket

  • Small towel (for sweat or drying off)

  • Water bottle(s) – the team provides water and Gatorade at the food tent but always good to have a couple of water bottles

  • Homework

  • Sunscreen

  • Sweatshirt (can double as a pillow)

  • Other “nice but not necessary to have” things:

    • Protein bars

    • Portable phone charger

    • Change of clothes (for when they’re done rowing)

    • A small pillow

    • Deck of cards


What Should Parents Bring to a Regatta?

You can’t trust the weather forecast. Ever! Dress in layers because cold mornings can lead to sweltering afternoons.



  • Water/drinks in a water bottle

  • Coffee in a travel container

  • Snacks/Meals – or heavier snacks to last you through the day – in a cooler

  • Binoculars

  • Chairs

  • Phone/Camera

  • Portable Charger

  • Rain Umbrellas

  • Blankets (for sitting on or for keeping warm)

  • Mittens

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray

  • Rain gear (poncho, etc.)

  • Windbreaker-type jacket (it can get very windy by the shore)

  • Rain boots (some regattas are very muddy)

  • Book/knitting/Sudoku/something to do

  • Hand sanitizer 

  • Wipes

  • Printout of heat schedule

Don’t bring:

  • COWBELLS (we’re serious)

  • Expectations for perfect weather

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