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Sept. 6 , 2020

Congrats to our new team captains for 2020-21!!!

Megan Cushman, Valerie Greenwood, Caleb Scholten, and Ben Busch

Dear Crew Families,


Late last week the governor issued a new executive order that allowed MHSAA to significantly change the Fall sports program.  Effective this week all indoor and outdoor Fall sports can practice and compete.  Spring sports like Crew are allowed to hold sixteen practice sessions with nearly all of the significant restrictions removed.  We are still not allowed to hold any form of competition with other teams but we are able to return to a more normal practice format. 


As a result of these changes, our Fall practice program will be revised.  Now all athletes will be able to practice four days per week (Monday – Thursday)  We will be allowed to row in all of our normal boat configurations.  That means we can row in 8’s, 4’s, Quads, Doubles, and Singles.  Practices can have more than 10 Athletes and can be longer than one hour.  We can allow athletes to enter the boathouse and we can store our boats indoors rather than on the trailer.  All great news.  The only new restriction is that masks must be worn at all times, even while rowing.  We will still be expected to maintain social distancing while we are on shore, will sanitize equipment after each use, and will complete a health screening each day including taking everyone’s temperature. 


We will also be required to register each Athlete on the new “Final Forms” program recently implemented by the Athletic Department.  Athletes will be required to complete a health questionnaire as well.  Also, it will be required that an Athlete has  a sports physical on file with the Athletic Department.  If an Athlete was signed up for our 2020 Spring season  last school year that physical will be acceptable.  New Novice Athletes will need to get a physical on file to be able to participate.  We will accept all new Novice Athletes regardless of whether or not they have been to an FHC Camp program. 


It is VERY IMPORTANT that you complete the registration form sent out last week and send it in to April Woods at woodsab24@hotmail.com by Tuesday, September 8 at 8:00PM.  It can also be dropped off to Coach Ross at the boathouse between 6:00 and 7:00 PM on Tuesday, September 8.  We will need time to organize properly assign Athletes to a practice time prior to the start of practice on Tuesday, September 15.  The Registration Form is included below.  The additional details regarding the Final Forms sign-up and Health Questionnaire will be sent out as soon as they are available.  As stated in my previous message, the $50 fee will be collected at the first practice.  Please keep an eye on your email for more information.   


The coaches and I look forward to seeing you all soon



Coach Ross               

If you are not receiving our emails - please send an email to fhcrowingteam@gmail.com and let us know, so that we can get you added!

2020 Regattas
Crew Photos

These are the regattas on the schedule for  2019-20 school year.



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London, ONT Regatta - May 30, 2020

Volunteer :)

Regattas take a lot of feet on the ground (and a few on the water) to run smoothly.  We always have the best group of volunteers!


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Volunteering is always great fun and you get to know more crew parents.


The Forest Hills Central rowing team practices out of the Forest Hills Boathouse located at 8400 Grand River Drive at Le Blanc Row.

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