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April 2, 2020

Dear FHC Crew Athletes and Families,


I hope you are all well and weathering the stay at home order.  It’s certainly a new experience for us all. 


Today the governor ordered the closing of our schools for the remainder of the school year.  Part of that order also prohibits all school sports and extracurricular activities.  As a result, I am sad to say that our Spring Crew Season won’t be able to happen.  We have known for some time that the existing regatta schedule was significantly impacted but an alternative plan for local replacement events was in development with seven other teams willing to participate.  Unfortunately, that plan can’t happen either.


Congratulations are in order for all of our athletes that have continued their training.  The coaches and I have been receiving regular updates that have included some ambitious work.  I hope you all will continue to work to stay fit.  It’s tough to stay motivated without a goal in sight.  Please make your own goals to be fit, healthy, and ready for whatever comes next in our rowing program or your other sports activities.


There are many questions that come to mind about the implications of this closure on school activities and events.  I won’t even try to list them all.  I’m sure you can all make a pretty big list.  There are some that impact our rowing program.  I will at least try to provide my list.


Q:  I’m a Novice rower.  Does this mean I will be a Novice again next year? 


A:  We aren’t sure about that.  We expect to have a Fall program.  If a Novice rows this fall, we think they will qualify to move on to Varsity next spring


Q:  Will we have a banquet?


A:  We won’t be able to have a banquet during the school year.  The Boosters will discuss what we might be able to do during the summer.  I hope we can do something to get everyone together. Keeping everyone safe will be the first priority


Q:  I ordered some Crew apparel.  Will I still be able to get it?


A:  Yes.  The companies are all delayed due to stay at home orders in their states as well.  As soon as the merchandise arrives we will let everyone know


Q:  Will we have rowing in the Summer?


A:  The coaches and I have discussed what we might do this summer.  We are committed to do what we can, when we are allowed to do it.  Coordination with and approval from the school district will be required to launch a formal summer program.  I will tackle that once we know more.  Open boathouse time will also require school district approval. 


Q:  Will we have a Fall program?


A:  We will plan to have a Fall program. 


Q:  Are there other rowing alternatives for the Summer?


A:  Typically there are Summer rowing camps at some colleges and private organizations.  In addition, Grand Rapids Rowing has had summer programs in the past.  I’m sure there will be issues around all of those based on the current situation.  If you are interested in any of these types of programs and need my help in researching them, please let me know


A special note to our Seniors.  My heart goes out to you.  You have all worked so hard and accomplished so much in your school career and in your rowing career.   This terrible infection has taken your ability to finish what you have started.  I’m glad you are all safe but I would much prefer the opportunity to help you finish the right way instead of this.  Please know that you are all special and that the coaches and I are available to help you all in any way we can. 


As more information becomes available we will provide updates.  If you have questions, please contact me at or (616) 695-8903


Take care,


Coach Ross

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