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FHC Crew provides a number of great travel opportunities for each rower. The crew

team is unique in that it annually participates in regional competitions as well as one in Canada.

Historically there are approximately seven regattas in the Spring season. Two occur in
the Grand Rapids area and parents
/rowers are responsible for getting to these regattas
on their own. For the out of town regattas, transportation will be provided for the
rowers. Participation in the Midwest, States and St Catherine's regattas are by invitation,  at the decision of the coaches, and not every rower will attend. Additionally, for any overnight regattas,
lodging will be provided for the rowers.

The following is a list of some questions that have been asked about travel for the regattas:

Will the students be riding school buses to events?
Transportation is provided by the school for in-state regattas; for out of state regattas,
the rowers will ride on coach busses.

If there is extra room on the bus for parents?
Seating on the bus is limited. There is no extra seating for parents.

Is lodging for overnight regattas arranged for the parents?
Rooms are provided for rowers, coaches and key adult volunteers. If you desire to
attend an overnight regatta, you are responsible for finding your own lodging. If by
chance there are extra rooms, they will be offered on a first-come basis.

Are the fees the same if my rower is not participating in the invite only regattas?

Spring registration fees are based upon total calculated costs which are divided equally
among the individual rowers. All rowers will pay a base registration fee. Those that are
selected to participate in The Midwest Championships and the St Catherine’s invitational regattas will be required to pay an additional amount to cover an equal share of the costs associated with those regattas.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the travel coordinator, Rebecca Achterhof, at

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